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Going Vegan: Day One.


Last night, 11.25.13, I’ve decided to go vegan. I have studied enough over the years to validate that. This. Is. It.

My most ultimate challenge now, as a chef, how to live both lives? In the work kitchen, I must remember the flavors as I cook it without tasting it. At home, I threw out all the junks in my fridge and freezer. Went shopping to restock a bit. I love to cook at home so it’s not so challenging to go vegan as Asian cooking is mostly that minus the fish stock, etc.

I’ve always told my cooks and other cooks months, years back that if you are a vegan, you can’t be a chef. It’ll be tough to find a job as a vegan chef.

Then I consider this to be my last career as a chef.

If you don’t understand why a chef, a cook, a seafood and poultry lover would take this crazy route. Do your homework like I did. I’m not gonna preach anyone or my cooks to do the same. Just open your hearts. I did and hope you will too. Mahalo & Aloha!

- Chef(maybe no longer) Tabo
Vegan Japanese Indian Curry

Last night’s dinner: Japanese/Indian Vegan Curry. Yellow squash, fried tofu, peas, carrots, mushroom, edamame, and onions.


┬áToday’s lunch: Bitter Mellon Tofu & Carrots Stirfry with Veg Curry, Rice and side of Natto.

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6 thoughts on “Going Vegan: Day One.

  1. OMG!OMG!OMG!OMG!OMG!OMG!OMG! So freaking awesome!!!!!!

    I have a friend that used to be vegan and he started to study to become a chef and just stopped being vegan. I think it’s amazing that you decided to do that so radically. Usually ppl become vegetarians first. And I don’t believe you are going to lose your spot as a chef. Decent vegan chefs are rare, so I bet you could open a whole new world around you little by little! Ahhhg! One day I wanna learn vegan yummies from you!

    Namaste and aloha!

    • Thank you for your reply!

      Yes, I am a radical and believe in the truth. Being a chef is one thing, to make people happy with your cooking. Now, all that has changed. My heart feels for the world as a whole. Our planet, our fellow animals, our well being.

      I was going to take the easy vegetarian route but why? For my health? For what really?

      Vegan is the truth.

      Thank you! I could open a vegan cafe to start as I can do vegan Japanese, Indian, Mexican, Italian, American, etc. I’m very careful of the ingredients I use as a few of my customers are vegan and allergic to certain foods. Already trained and ready to go! The art of cooking never leaves me. I regularly cook for my friend who is a vegan.

      Namaste and Aloha!

      • OMG! So amazing!!!

        And yes you are so right. Mexican vegan food? Really? Ok, give me your address cause I need to taste that! AHAHAHHAHA I love mexican… spicy food… ui ui…. *faints*

  2. I’ll give you my recipes, it’s for everyone :) Aloha!

  3. Hahaha you so funny silly! :D Yay! Let me know when you’re on the plane! I’ll cook for you :)

    The seasonings: Cumin, ground coriander, fresh chili pepper, sea salt & pepper. Fresh salsa: Tomato, cilantro, lime, sea salt. Hmmm… did I forget anything here. Just a few to mention.

    Come on down Psithurism!

    Namaste & Aloha!

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