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Vegan Cooking: Day 5


So far so good! Since Monday I’ve eaten only vegan. I thought Thanksgiving was going to be tough but not. I cooked a few dishes for the party. Steamed kabocha with garlic and green onions, yakisoba(both a big hit!), and grilled soy sausages(not a hit). On Wednesday, we did a vegan Vietnamese take out and it was good! The papaya salad and bahn mi sandwich, yummy!

On the other hand, work has been tough. Hardly anything I could cook for myself to eat. I make veg stir-frys or a veg/tofu donburi with rice. Pasta arrabiata, etc. Guess it’s not all that tough after all but just don’t have the time to cook it. Gotta start making sandwiches or bentos at home to take to work. Pretty sad that I need to brown bag my meals to a restaurant where I chef at. Oh well.

Went shopping today(Friday) to restock my fridge with the basic vegan necessities. All vegan of course: Mayo, sandwich meats, cheeses, instant frozen meals, bread, sausages, etc. Never in my life I have bought any of these products and I must say it’s all good! Spent a lot of money and a bit hard on my pocket book but at the same time, very excited to cook up my new vegan meals :)  So here we go!


Tomato, basil, black olive sauce over rotini pasta.


Soy cheese, grilled onions, and refried beans quesadilla.

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2 thoughts on “Vegan Cooking: Day 5

  1. *Roooooonnc*

    Gosh, this post made me hungry! I’m so excited for you. This new path is a lot exciting! Ok, buying some vegan stuff is expensive, but once you get the hang of it, it will be easy. Here in my city I never find vegan cheese, only tofu and I rarely buy it ($$$$$). So, most of the things I need I prepare myself… but the vegan market is growing, so it won’t be like this forever. ;)

    Keep the spirits up!
    Namaste and aloha

  2. OMG! Tofu is that expensive there? I feel bad for you :( Here in Hawaii there are several tofu factories. Really, really cheap here about $1.00-$2.00 a pound. Cheaper than any meat! I recently realized that there are a few vegan restaurants here near my apartment. There is one called, “The Loving Hut” just behind my apartment building! Yay! The menu looks yummy, cheap too :)

    Yes in order to save money here, I can make my own dressings. Instead of the classic caesar dressing I can make a miso or sesame paste version. My favorite is my version of the Dijon Vinaigrette dressing, it’s oh soooo good. I used to make mayo from scratch. I’ll try and make my own vegan mayo very soon.

    True, the vegan market has really grown here in Hawaii. I thought it would never take off but it is rapidly growing! I hope so too for the rest of the world. We all need this radical change for the better. :)

    Spirits high and up!

    Namaste & Aloha!

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